2016-07 Madrid

The last time I was in Spain was at least 25 years back. Barcelona. This time I went to Madrid – and it was hot. Saturday brought up to 37 degree centigrade. But it was a “cool” trip. As you can imagine, the main reason to go there was old aircraft – but I wont show them here…

Beside the Airforce Museum, if you should be in Madird, you definitely need to visit the Fundacion Infante de Orleans… and “mandatory”: The naval museum.

30.07.2016 19:59 | Kuno Gross

2016-06 Seaplane Meeting Hergiswil

Again Lake Lucerne. This time I visited the Seaplane Meeting at Hergiswil, just in front of the Hotel Pilatus. The weather was not good this weekend – but somehow this is not reflected in my photos. Despite the weather, the fllight in the UC-1 Twinbee was just great. Underneath the wing you can see the hotel Flora Alpina, the one I had spent my time in April…

30.07.2016 19:59 | Kuno Gross

2016-05 My first Visit to Rome

Ok, the actual reason I went to Rome was not the “eternal city” itself but an opening cerenmony for a new vitrine at the Air Force Museum at Vigna di Valle dislaying artefacts of Italian pilots in Libya – but that's another subject and here some views of Rome. The famous places are really full of tourists, an experience of its own…

30.07.2016 19:58 | Kuno Gross

2016-04 Vitznau, Lake Lucerne

I have obviously spent more time around Lake Lucerne this year than during all my life before The main reason for that was that I have attended several courses either in Lucerne or in Vitznau – and here some views from the terasse of the hotel in Vitznau… sometimes it looks as if it would be at the shores of the Mediterranean. .

30.07.2016 19:58 | Kuno Gross