2012/05 Visit to Amman, Jordan

I had the chance to pay a very short visit to Amman / Jordan. The time was simply too short to see a lot but at least I could pay a visit to the old railway station and its workshops and as well to the 'Martyrs Memorial'.

16.05.2012 19:03 | Kuno Gross

2012/05 Operation Salam under Proofreading

The completed manuscript of Operation Salam was sent to UK for proofreading. Still, the persons on the original photos have to be identified and the captions to the several hundred photos and illustrations have to be developped and written.

16.05.2012 18:44 | Kuno Gross

2012/04 Some Views of Tunisia

It was already the fourth time within 12 months and after the revolution that I had the occassion to visit this beautiful Country. Here some impressions of the landscape.

23.04.2012 21:46 | Kuno Gross

Incident at Jebel Sherif

After only three years from publishing in 2009, only 70 copies of the book are remaining for sale. A re-print is not foreseen.

28.04.2012 20:26 | Kuno Gross