2011/11 "Wady Abu Qaryah" - Layout

Working on a new publication with the title “Wadi Abu Qaryah” together with the Swiss Archaeologiste Regula Steinhauser-Zimmermann.

Research and manuscript are completed and now we are busy with the layout. We have planned to publish this new book in the first half of December this year. The schedule is very thight and there is still a lot to be done…

02.11.2011 19:01 | Kuno Gross

2010/10, New Website "" goes life.

27.10.2011 23:30 | Kuno Gross

2011/09, Tunisia and Libya

Another journey to Tunisia. Actually not strictly for research but rather just to be in the desert again. And to pay a short visit to friends in Libya.

26.10.2011 21:55 | Kuno Gross

2011/09, Swiss Military Museum

Another article for 'Military Machines International' presents the vehicle collection of the Swiss Military Museum at Full Reuenthal.

26.10.2011 21:33 | Kuno Gross