2015 / 01 Aman - Hedjaz Railways

The Hedjaz Railways became famous by the movie “Lawrence of Arabia”. And it still exists today. If you should be once in Amman then have a look at the old railway station and the museum – in fact, the workshops could also be considered a museum… some of the equipments dates back to 1913 (and is still in working condition).

17.01.2015 11:52 | Kuno Gross

2015 / 01 New Book: Almasy's Ford A

We thought that it would be time to prepare a small pictorial book about the replica of Almasy's Ford A in the Sahara desert. Not much text and for sure not a guideline on how to restore an 1930 Ford A open cab pickup truck but actually a lot of photographs of the vehicle in the desert…

More about the book can be found here: Almasy's Ford A > LINK

01.12.2014 23:43 | Kuno Gross

2014 / 11 Soe more flying...

Thanks to the very good weather in the recent weeks I had the chance to enjoy two flights in vintage aircraft to the Alps. The first one was a flight in a very rare Max Holste 1521 Broussard, serial number 6 and the oldest of this type in airworthy condition. The second one in a 1957 Piper Super Cub which was equipped with ski… my first “Glacier Flight”. A gret and thrilling experience!

30.11.2014 21:07 | Kuno Gross

2014 / 11 A short visit to Libya

Not many foreign vistors are found to be in the Country these days. I had the chance to go there for a few days in November – the airport used was the one of Misurata. Not that I wanted to go there but it is connceted with daily flights to Istanbul. Some visual impressions:

23.11.2014 15:12 | Kuno Gross